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Saeed Rafieyan Professional Business Consultant &

Certified Farsi Translator / Interpreter in British Columbia

مترجم  فارسی در ونکوور | Certified Farsi Translator in Vancouver - Home

سعید رفیعیان

مترجم کاملا تایید شدهٔ سازمانهای دولتی و نهادهای آموزشی استان بی‌ سی‌

با بیش از ۲۵ سال تجربه در کار ترجمه شفاهی‌ و کتبی‌

مامور رسمی‌ دولت برای الصاق مهر قصم نامه

به منظور دعوت نامه

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Let's Learn about Canada and its Beauties : 

In this section , we endeavor to tell you a bit about the Canadian wildlife , its people's culture when it comes to caring for the environment and the degree of importance they attach to its protection. 

Canada is the land of nature and its wonders. It is home to one of the most pristine and virgin old growth rain forests in the Pacific North West that abounds with wildlife, lakes and super beautiful ocean beaches. 

What Canadians expect from newcomers to this land is first and foremost : respect wildlife, cherish them and do all they can to preserve them. This idealogy could be quite difficult to comprehend by some new immigrants. and this is quite understandable given my knowledge of what many immigrants have gone through in their lives. I for one, can deeply comprehend your points of views  and do easily identify with them. 

 Moreover, new immigrants have their own life priorities since many of them have come from war stricken regions of the world where humans have rarely enough to eat , let alone animals.  Many new immigrants get culturally shocked by the level of abundance of food , its spoilage and what they may consider lavishly vile ways to wasting the precious food resources many African and third world  nations cherish. The squandering of these excess foods and monetary resources in North America comes across to newcomers as blasphemy and a sin in many African nations and deprived regions of the world.  This cultural shock in most cases than not creates a back-lash and a sense of revulsion in their minds about North American societies.


Many new immigrants might ask themselves :

"Why should we even care about dogs, cats , cougars or bears in this country where humans , our compatriots are dying in vain in the remote corners of our planet. 

They could go on and on in their wild fantasies, imaginations in trying to reason out in this fashion convincing themselves that caring for animals in this way is too much and unjustified. 


Well my new immigrant friends: What you have faced back home is absolutely a fact of life and I deeply sympathize with you all. However, two wrongs do not make it a right. It is true that humans do not have enough to eat in far corners of the world from where we have come, but what you have concluded from that wrong and injustice , is yet another injustice towards this beautiful land's wildlife and nature. Let's put it this way. We need to come to terms with the world realities, facts of our planet and comprehend the details that led to the status quo.  Now, before jumpring into any unfair conclusion , just let your body adjust to the new environment and study the topics at hand that is in front of you : Accountability towards Wildlife and Nature. Study it at length and in detail.  In a few year's time start over and let your senses to catch up with your presence in the new environment. Then and only then make a new judgement call and ask these questions of yourselves : 

 1. Does it make sense to disrespect the environment , the way we have been taught in our homelands. Just look back and see the tragedy we have created on our turf back home. 

Examples : garbage dumped inside lakes, rivers or river banks, polluting our precious water resources and underground aquifers. Factory smoke stacks, diesel fuel and automobile exhaust spilling out deadly CO into our atmosphere. 

Our drinking water in Tehran is so polluted that Nitrate, mercury and led are common lethal heavy metals found in it, leading to children's brain development issues and fetal deformities, and cancer in adults. 

so on and so fort.....(I can go on for hours if you so wish)

 2. Do we see and feel the direct results deterring bylaws that encourage responsibility and accountability for our actions. (paying fines for breaking the environmental laws in Canada) 

3. in the example of Iranian wildlife : Did we not want to still see the Iranian lion, Cheetah and leopard roam in the vast expanses of that country? Do you know that farmers in Iran shoot leopards just because they prey on their livestock? Could the Iranian government compensate for any losses of livestock caused by leopards to discourage their killings? Could Iran afford this? A big YES is the answer. 

Why not do it? Simply put : Our government's priorities are not the leopard despite their claims that it is. 

Could Iran launch an education campaign among the illiterate peasants to stop shooting the leopards, migratory birds and the irreplaceable wildlife? 

Do we have any sense of responsibility towards the land in which we live? If not, let's start by watching others who do, see how they reap the benefits and let this be our starting point. 

4. If desire our wildlife to stay with us, then why did many of our indigenous wildlife either go extinct ( Asian Lions) or are currently put under the endangered species list and under a tight watch. Namely the Persian Cheetah (Yuz Palang) , and leopard. The Most likely culprit for their demise has been our ignorance. We (as a nation) must accept responsibility for their loss. The least we can do is to agree on that. This will therefore give us a framework from which we can commence our conservation work . We can always copy the good deeds of other nations , like host nations that accept us as their permanent residents, and by example teach us behavior we should develop if we ever wish to bring our nation back up on its feet environmentally. 

 5. Are we going to import , along with ourselves our wealth and talents into Canada, our biases and misdeeds against the environment ? 

Let's leave our baggage behind and start anew. I believe in change and metamorphecis of human behavior. Let's all give it a try and see how good we feel within.  

6. Is it not time to STOP and ponder : Are we feeling well satisfied by our actions as a people ? Do we want to set a precedent and change our biases and cliched habits that led us to our current mindsets ? Again, why should we feel responsible towards the Canadian impressive wildlife? What reasoning type would oblige us to comply with this feat ? I would appreciate your feedback on this question.

 7. Do we feel invigorated, motivated and dumbfounded to see there still are people (many Canadians) on this planet that have done way better that us in protecting their nature, wildlife and environment ? 

Please note : People in this country change their habits on a dime. You decree that plastic bags are filling the garbage dumps today, and within a few months a high percentage of the people quickly and proactively adapt their shopping habits, buy their own reusable cloth shopping bags to do away with their old ways. This whole change will be prevalent in the society within a few years of the public announcement. However; in our case, and let's say for the exact same reason and method of public announcement it most likely than not takes us decades if not centuries to adjust our behaviors and switch from plastic to cloth or biodegradable material shopping bags in an effort to save the environment.  Did you ever think about it why? Persians being one of the most intelligent nations on our planet with a rich history, why is it that we have failed in these areas? Is there a cultural component that needs a deep investigative work ? I would appreciate your feedback on this as well . 

8. Let's make a vow to ourselves that our emigration to this country will be a turning point in our lives whereby we mark a shift in our biases will be the hallmark of our move. Moreover, admit that the mindset that tells us to compare humans' lack of prosperity in war zones around the world would be a poor justification to fail in being accountable and acting responsibly towards wildlife on this or any other nation's territory , making wrong conclusions such as :  humans are deprived in those areas hence why should we care about wildlife here? Scoring a point against the environment here to benefit the deprived humans in those regions.  We must realize that the two must not be compared and this idea stems from the fact that we humans believe we are the super dominant creatures on this planet and all wildlife on the planet were created by God for our pleasure and personal use.

We must abolish our old ways and stop thinking that animals are the property of us humans. We must recognize their right to exist on this beautiful planet and know that we are sharing this planet with them. These are some of the reasons why we do not feel any responsibility towards their existence nor do we take any steps for their preservation. It is about time that we realize this mentality is obsolete and must be done away with.  We must also recognize the fact that all of planet earth continents are interdependent like a complex network. Wildlife's failure in Africa, Iran or Canada would lead to our own demise on this planet. We need them badly and they rely on our conscience and right actions to survive.  


Hoping for a day that we all concur on all of the above points, and do our share to help our new home's wildlife and give them all the respect they deserve. 

 I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about this beautiful land and province . Email me at : khaneye.tarjome@gmail.com and start me off by sending me your feedback about the above write up and tell me how 

you would do it if you were in power. 



 Site Administrator

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Saeed Rafieyan

Saeed Rafieyan


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